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Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place


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Old men shall dream dreams!

Words of Knowledge - the new dimension in the revival

 May 16, 2007

As told by Barkos Warjri

One example is the story below of how a man knew in the Spirit what was happening to a specific person a hundred kilometers away.

I had met a 60-year old man at a village about 100 km. from Shillong on the 30th of April. He had undergone a forty day fast in the months of March and April followed by a twenty day fast. He spoke of seeing the wedding feast of the Lamb being prepared and the bride getting ready.

He told me that he had a vision and that he saw the name of a girl and that she was at Pohkseh-Rynjah – the very area that I live in at Shillong.  He then said that the girl studies in Arunachal Pradesh (a neighboring state) and that God will bring a revival there, where many unbelievers will turn to Christ. He said that he was still in the midst of a vision and that he saw some people at the foot of the cross.

I was visiting a nearby village then and while I was on my way there he called again. "Now the vision is clear," he said. "The girl has now come to Shillong and she is in the midst of a spiritual battle even now." I asked my companion, a pastor, to call up anyone from the Pohkseh Church . He called an elder of the church, who confirmed that there was indeed a girl from that church who had that name. He handed the phone to me and the elder said that he was at the house of the girl the previous night praying for her up to 10 pm as she was under demonic attack. He then gave us directions to the girl's house.

The name, the address, the circumstances she was in and that she was in Shillong had been confirmed. Her father also confirmed that she did study in Itanagar the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. He had brought her back the day before to Shillong because she was suffering from what looked to him like demonic attacks.

When we met the girl we heard her trying to sing with relatives around, 'There is power in the blood'. When she neared us she stopped singing at the point of 'There is..' unable to open her mouth for the word 'power' even as she tried to say the word. She could not say any other word after that. Her eyes rolled as she looked at us then at her brother who had tattoos on both his arms.  They looked like metal music tattoos to me. She was not delivered even till we left the house, some time before midnight .

As I was writing this mail I got a call from the man with the vision. He said that the girl was being delivered, (I will go to her house soon after I finish writing to you) but that there were still some hindrances, defilements.

He was spot on, right from her name, address, place of study, return to Shillong, her spiritual struggle, and her family condition. Not a single mistake, a bull's eye on each point! God is awesome and there is nothing hidden from Him.

55 countries view Shillong Revival

6 May,  2007

The Shillong Revival website has now been viewed and accessed by 55 countries from around the world. This includes countries such as Nicaragua, Russia, Hungary, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Tanzania, Czech Republic, Fiji, Vietnam, Botswana, Ivory Coast, Peru and host of others. Many have written in to say that they have been blessed by the news, and have shared the videos in their churches as well. Please feel free to download the videos off Youtube and show them to your friends.

“Get ready. I am coming soon”

Message from the Lord Jesus to the churches

4 May,  2007

In Madanriting, the church was celebrating the anniversary of the revival that began on 29th April 2006. During this service a 17-old girl Iaineh Kharmawlong went to ‘sleep’ in the Spirit. She has been in the Spirit since then. After the meeting they have carried her home, where she lies covered with blankets. At the time of writing this report she has been in this state for 5 days.

When Sheila Cherian and Roshan Sam visited her yesterday, elder S.S. Roy showed them that she was in a deep sleep and continued breathing evenly. He even lifted her hand and let it flop down with no affect on the girl. On Monday 30th April, she had woken up briefly for 2 hours. When the elders of the church asked her what was happening she said that Jesus gave her a message for the church. “Tell them to get ready. I am coming soon!”


5-point Star Shaped Glitter

4 May,  2007

Sheila Cherian met with Rev K.R. Marbaniang yesterday. He has been instrumental in helping organize the church to pray for revival. Rev Marbianiag heads up the Committee on Revival for Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Synod Sepngi that covers over 1200 churches.

He pulled out from his wallet glitter that was in the shape of 5-pointed stars. The star size is not big, but it is ‘glittering away!’ This glitter had fallen all over the Mawkdok Presbyterian Church (where Rev. Rocket Bareh is the Pastor in Charge).

Revival continues at Thadlaboh!

3 May,  2007

Dr. Plain called from the Thadlaboh Presbyterian church and told Sheila Cherian about the power of God being released at the church, especially over the past three weeks. Children have been experiencing revival. This is in sharp contrast to other locations where the big visible signs have come down in the past several months.


During the time they are ‘sleeping’ in the Spirit, they were taken to heaven where Jesus told them the names of people and the specific sicknesses they were suffering from. When they came ‘back’ they called out the names and the sicknesses. Those who came up were all healed powerfully.


Bah Barkos was also there and said that and witnessed first hand  the power of God come again in these signs as well as glitter and ‘glory dust’ falling down on bibles and the people assembled there.

Miracle Sunshine in the wettest place on Earth!

Youth Camp at Sohra goes off according to prophecy

2 May,  2007

Unity, the young girl used so powerfully in this revival, had been told by Jesus  that there would be sunshine for the Youth Camp despite the rainy season. On this word, the leaders decided to go ahead and run the camp on 27-29 of April. During class at her school she had a visitation from Jesus. He gave Unity a simple formula:

             5 loaves + 2 fish = 12 baskets left over

             Thunder + lightning + rain = Sunshine

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (24, 25,26 of May) there were heavy rains. Some parts of the state reported uprooted trees and massive downpour. The three days of the camp however went off with glorious blue skies and bright sunshine! Readers from outside Sohra (also called Cherrapunji) are reminded that this has been one the wettest spots on the earth. BBC reports that this place regularly gets 10,000 mm of rain (430 inches) every year. Check this link for more info.


Sheila Cherian was there during the camp, and she said that many were moaning that the overt signs of the Spirit were missing, but perhaps like the 12 baskets left over, people may be missing the really big signs happening right under the nose!


Video interview with Dr. Gordon Laban Presbyterian church

14 April,  2007

The leadership team in this church led by Rev. S. P. Dkhar has been keenly involved in the revival. This church has seen unusual activity since the revival broke in 2006. In this interview you meet with Dr. Gordon, a surgeon and church elder.. Watch the video at this link!

Click here to view video


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